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Orlando Regional Stellar Alumni

These Alumni have showcased skills they learned through FIRST  Robotics at the Orlando Regional in their chosen industry and have been wildly successful. Many of the Stellar Alumni give back to FIRST to perpetuate the growth of new students while continuing to dominate in their career. Each year a new Stellar Alumni Class will be chosen.

Epsilon Class - 2023


Aidan St. John

Undergraduate Researcher at the Florida Space Institute

Alumnus of Team 2152

Janielle Ziegler Headshot.jpg

Janielle Ziegler


Project Support

Center for Learning and Innovation

Health First Inc.

Alumna of Team 386

Washer Photo.jpg

Christopher Kerns


IT Teacher

All About Achieving Learning Center

Alumnus of Team 180


Kimberly Stears


Teacher & Academy Director  Academy of Information Technology & Robotics

Spruce Creek High School

Alumna of Team 2152


Jackson Fugate

Intern at Tucker-Davis Technologies 

Researcher at UF’s Advanced

Reconfigurable Computing lab

Alumnus of 4118


Skylar Crews

Project Manager

Department of State

Alumnus of Team 1902 & 3011

Delta Class - 2022

IMG_5679 (1).jpg

Caroline Keller


Kindergarten Teacher

Alumna of Team 1902

James Headshot (1).jpg

James Comstock


Technical Support Representative

Emerson Cargo Solutions

Alumnus of Team 1523

Zach Webster Option 1.jpg

Zach Webster

Innovation Team

The Orlando Magic

Alumnus of Team 3410


Charlie Stankie

F-22 Pilot

United States Air Force

Alumnus of Team 233

AisPortraits-Jessie-UCF-Graduation-48 (1).jpg

Jessie Eaton


Software Product Manager

The Jesus Film Project

Alumna of Team 2556


Emily Wiseman

Senior Scientist II

Q2 Solutions

Alumna of 1902

Stellar Alumni Picture.jpg

Marcos Alonso

Mechanical Engineering / ITS /App Developer
TLC Engineering Solutions

Alumnus of Team 59

Gamma Class - 2020

Daniel Kemp.jpg

Danny Kemp

Subcontracts Manager


Alumnus of Team 386


Matt Keller


Technical Director & Co-Founder

Aigean Networks

Alumnus of Team 108


David Guzman

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Sonny's Enterprises, LLC

Alumnus of Team 1251


Mike Walker

Technology Director

Community Resource Network in Seminole County

Alumnus of Team 21

Jamison Go.jpg

Jamison Go

Research and Development Engineer

Desktop Metal

Alumnus of 1902


Stephen Kowski

Global Manager of Technology for Radius Innovation,

Jabil Company.

Alumnus of Team 312

Beta Class - 2019

Catherine Coleman

Catherine Coleman

Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Apple Inc.

Alumna of Team 1902

Jonathan Catt

Jonathan Catt

Systems Architect

Color Scene Inc

Alumus of Team 1251

Chris Struttma

Chris Struttman

Founder, Director of Engineering


Alumnus of Team 386

Stephen Cross Headshot - Stephen Cross.j

Stephen Cross

Emerging Technology Engineer

Florida Power & Light

Alumnus of Team 1523

Jessie Poen

Jessie Poen

Director of Product and Development


Alumna of 1557

Alpha Class - 2018

Aisha Ayoub.png

Aisha Ayoub

Principle Engineer


Alumna of Team 212

Barry Bonzack.jpg

Barry Bohnsack

Program Planner

Lockheed Martin

Alumnus of Team 1604

Dan Richardson.jpeg

Dan Richardson

Team Leader - Systems Engineer

The Walt Disney Company

Alumnus of Team 744

Jonathan Taylor 2.jpg

Jonathan Taylor

Controls Engineer

EDF Inc.

Alumnus of Team 179

mark McCombs Color 2 (1).jpg

Mark McCombs

Founder and Executive Director

Renaissance Jax Inc.

Alumnus of Team 86

Nawaid Ladak_o.jpeg

Nawaid Ladak

Legislative Assistant

US House of Representatives

Alumnus of Team 1402

Andrew Rudolph.jpg

Andrew Rudolph

Technical Consultant

Stage Equipment and Lighting, Inc. 

Alumnus of Team 168 & 212

Brendan Radabaugh.jpeg

Brendan Radabaugh

Program Delivery Specialist

The Walt Disney Company

Alumnus of Team 180

James Austin.JPG

James Austin

Updates Writer


Alumnus of Team 1902

Jonell Gregor.jpg

Jonell Radabaugh

Project Manager

The Walt Disney Company

Alumna of Team 79


Michelle Hawley

Industrial Engineer

Collins Aerospace

Alumna of Team 79

Stephanie Badame.jpeg

Stephanie Badame

Quality Engineer

Pratt & Whitney NGPF Engines

Alum of Team 180

Arefin Bari.jpg

Arefin Bari

Mechanical Engineer

Apex Machine Company

Alumnus of Team 108

Brittany Firestone.jpg

Brittany Firestone

Embedded Software Adoption Consultant - Instructure

Alumna of Team 180

Jason Rudolph.jpg

Jason Rudolph

Screens Producer/Lighting Director 

Alumnus of Team 168

LizNguyen_Photo - Elizabeth Nguyen.jpeg

Liz Nguyen

Team Leader - Facility Low Voltage Systems

The Walt Disney Company

Alumna of Team 665


Melissa Smith

Senior User Experience Researcher


Alumna of Team 1251

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