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2021 Season Award Winners

The Florida Region along with Brazil, Dominican Republic and Colombia Awards Celebration was held on Tuesday May 11th. 75 teams from Florida participated for the Global Innovation, Game Design Challenge, and Infinite Recharge@Home Challenge. The teams were randomly put into groups of 30 with teams from all over the world. The Traditional Awards (Dean's List & Chairman's) competing teams competed only with other Florida teams.

Game Design Challenge:

  • 8324 MECO Rookie Design Award (Orlando)

  • 1902 Exploding Bacon Engineering Design (Orlando)

  • 108 SigmaC@ts Imagery Award (S. Fl)

  • 2382 Ninjaneers ImageryAward (S.Fl)

  • 180 SPAM Concept Award (S.Fl)

Infinite Recharge@Home

  • 3932 Dirty Mechanics Autonomous Award (S.Fl)

  • 86 Team Resistance Quality Award (Jax)

  • 179 Children of the Swamp Quality Award (S.Fl)

  • 59 RamTech Industrial Design (S.Fl)

  • 8325 MECO Rookie Game Changer (Orlando)

FIRST Innovation Challenge Award Semi Finalist

  • 1902 Exploding Bacon (Orlando)

  • 4013 Clockwork Mania (Orlando)

  • 5276 Edgar Allan Ohms (Tampa)

Traditional Awards

Volunteer of the Year

  • Debra Beriner

  • Jillian Bryant

  • J.Stephen Kowski

Woodie Flowers Award:

  • Keith Glasnapp, Dirty Mechanics

Dean’s List Finalist:

  • Alexis Udowychenko (Orlando)

  • Megan Enriquez (S.Fl)

  • Olivia Bisset (S.Fl)

  • Aum Dhruv (S Fl)

  • Sid Antoine (Viera)

  • Kaylee Diaz

Chairman’s Award

  • 1369 Minotaur (Tampa)

  • 4013 Clockwork Mania (Orlando)

  • 5816 GraV (Orlando)

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