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2020 Stellar Alumni Gamma Class

This year's Stellar Alumni Class consist of six inspiring individuals who have excelled in their chosen careers and give back to FIRST Robotics. Each year the Orlando Regional receives nominations from students, parents, and volunteers for Alumni of Orlando Regional (formerly Florida Regional) that they believe embody the principles of the Stellar Alumni Program. The Stellar Alumni Program serves to recognize those who are excelling in their careers, dedicating time to nonprofit organization, and/or giving back to FIRST. These Alumni are solving problems, helping others, teaching the next generation the importance of STEM, and inspiring others in all they do! Click on their posters below to learn more about them!

Danny Kemp
Alumnus Team 386

David Guzman

Alumnus Team 1251

Jamison Go

Alumnus Team 1902

Matt Keller

Alumnus Team 108

Stephen Kowski

Alumnus Team 312

Mike Walker
Alumnus Team 21

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