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Chris Fairey

It is with a heavy heart that we share of the passing of one of our founding Orlando FIRST Robotics Regional Planning Committee (RPC) members, Chris Fairey. Chris was our North Star, our calm presence, and our gentle nudge.


He was an exemplary leader and instrumental in the transition of the Regional from the Kennedy Space Center to the University of Central Florida, the creation of the Florida FIRST Robotics Education Foundation, Executive Advisory Board (EAB), the annual VIP Luncheon, and he evolved to become our chief fundraiser.  


He was always cheerful, even when things were rough and reminded us that everything would work itself out if we kept to our principles and continue to share our stories. He was the peacemaker and voice of reason when there were disagreements on the RPC.  He made sure that everyone felt listened to and valued.  While he was one of our founding members, he was always open to new and different ideas.


Chris volunteered for over 20 years.  He never sought recognition or praise and he believed in the mission of FIRST.  He knew that our future is built better together.

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