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2020 Orlando Regional T-Shirts For Sale

Although we were not able to fully play FIRST® Robotics Competition, INFINITE RECHARGE, at the 2020 Orlando Regional this year, we know this event is still something many of you worked hard to prepare for! We know this season was important to many.


That's why the Orlando Regional Planning Committee has opened the opportunity to take home a souvenir from the event! We will be selling the 2020 Orlando Regional T-Shirts (at cost, plus shipping) this year. 

This Game T-Shirt is in the same style as each year, listing all the teams that were registered for the 2020 Orlando Regional - a perfect add to your collection. It's a great way to commemorate the work put into the 2020 season, whether it was as a student, mentor, volunteer, etc. 


To place your order you can email the Orlando Regional Planning Committee Treasurer at: See below for all the information!

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